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Vision Statement

Advance the profession of athletic training in Iowa to best care for the athlete and
the physically active of our state.


The Iowa Athletic Trainers' Society is composed of highly skilled allied health professionals who exhibit the expertise to care for all who participate in athletics and physical activities. Through research, education and service, athletic trainers in Iowa seek to further advance the profession. IATS works to advance, encourage, and improve the profession of athletic training through the free exchange of ideas to best care for the athlete and the physically active.

Constitution of Iowa Athletic Trainer's Society (.pdf)

By-Laws of the Iowa Athletic Trainer’s Society (.pdf)

Current Perspective

The current membership is proud of the hard work devoted by numerous athletic trainers and proponents of athletic training to have achieved licensure (title protection). In the immediate future we seek to get every IATS member actively involved to move the profession forward to best serve the athlete and the physically active. Iowans will receive better care and the profession of athletic training will be better defined by allowing only licensed athletic trainers in Iowa to practice athletic training (practice protection).

Although practice protection is our primary focus, we will not rest on other issues of importance, including reimbursement, increasing public understanding, and public service. At the state level, the committees and membership comprise the grassroots for the NATA. Individuals who aspire to become involved at the district and national level most often begin by being active members and serving on state committees.